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Istanbul's gay life is more visible after-midnight and majority of the gay-exclusive night clubs are not busy enough until 01:00 am. But there are many alternative gay/gay-friendly venues for people who do not like loud after-midnight places or stay out too late. n this page we only list the venues which are open in earlier hours of the day and evenings. Click here for update listing of the major after-midnight gay clubs and general about about all gay venues  in Istanbul

Gay Café & Bars in Istanbul

Pinokyo Cafe & Bar (20:00- 02:00)

Address: Istiklal Cad.  Buyukparmakkapi Sk No: 26/1  Beyoglu/Istanbul

A popular cafe bar opened in March 2011. It is located on Buyukparmakkapi street across the Benetton on Istiklal. It is a modest place on the 1st floor. You can observe live Turkish music and drag show performances on different days of the week.



"we went to pinokyo bar to have a drink; friendly place and staff but the prices of the drinks appeared quite expensive (114 TL for 2 beers and 2 whisky/coca) for a bar rate." Posted by Ban from France on January 13 2015

Haspa Cafe Bar (20:00- 02:00)
Address: Istiklal Cad.  Ipek Sokak 16/2  Beyoglu/Istanbul

Previously straight cafe bar on a small street off the Istiklal avenue was undertaken by some gay people in April 2011 and they now want to turn it a gay venue, specifically declaring that they want to welcome straight acting gay men.  The prices were cheaper when it was a straight bar and when they first started to serve gay men, but it was raised to standard club rates shortly after they got a little popular.


Chaplin Cafe & Bar (20:00- 02:00)
Address: Istiklal Cad.  Ipek Sokak 16, Kat 3, Daire 5 - Beyoglu/Istanbul

A gay cafe shop on the 3rd floor at the same building with Haspa Cafe Bar, Mostly patronized by younger gay men and the prices are fairly reasonable for now. You can access Ipek sokak from the left hand side of McDonald's on Istiklal Avenue.

Chianti Bar
Address: Istiklal Caddesi,
Balo Sokak, No: 31  (2nd floor) Beyoglu, Istanbul.

Homely cafe-pub open from 4 pm till 2 am, but expected to be busier in the early evenings and around midnight. It functions as a cafe from late afternoon until roughly 8-9 pm. The music become louder after that.

Mor Kedi Cafe (20:00- 02:00)
Address: Istiklal Cad.  Imam Adnan Sk. No:7 / 3   Beyoglu/Istanbul
One of the oldest of these kind of cafe-shops which you can visit at day time.  Usually busy until midnight. Clientele is younger. It is also possible to see lesbians in this venue sometimes.

Rocinante Cafe & Bar
Address: Sakızağacı Cad. Öğüt Sok. No. 6 Kat 2 Beyoğlu, İstanbul 
Google Map


This place used to be an unofficial gathering point for Turkish lesbians. Since 2012 it became a typical gay venue with a concept very similar to other venues on this page. It is busy late in the evening and they live music performances on several days of the week.

Durak Bar  (19:00 - 02:00)
Address: Murat Pasa Sokak, No 9, Aksaray, Istanbul
Durak bar (formerly called Pasam) is located in Aksaray district, about 5 kilometer away from Taksim. It is a meeting place for middle class bear and older/mature gay men. More busy in late evenings., until 01:00/02:00 am. It will be busy until 4 am on Saturday nights.  Only live traditional/classical music is performed at peak time. (no Turkish/Western pop). It took the place of of senior Degirmen pub which was closed in early 2008, this one more deliberately targeting to bear and bear lovers with almost same exotic atmosphere of Degirmen pub. PS: Despite it's dirty night life Aksaray is also a conservative district ironically and for that reason Durak bar is usually closed during Ramadan period for about 30 days every year.

Click Here for more information and other bear-friendly venues in Istanbul.

Visitor comments about this venue
"I went to the Durak Pub Sunday night at 10PM for a beer. Nice crowd. The waiter brought a small dish of peanuts, which I didn’t want and pushed down the table for the other patrons. I ordered a second beer, the waiter brought more peanuts and I ate a few. When I went to pay the bill, in addition to the 2 beers, there was an additional 12TL (US$7) for peanuts." (Posted by Paul from Belgium on November 13, 2011)

"This place is a bit out of the way from the other gay venues round Taksim square area but pretty easy to get to with a tram station (Yusufpasa) at the end of the street. If you can suss out the dolmus taxis you can get back to Taksim Square for about 3 lira or a taxi for about 12/13 lira dependant on the traffic. What you get is a traditional looking bar and at the weekends full of "men" as oppossed to the Beygolu venues that are more popular with younger guys. No techno music played but what i would describe as Turkish standards sung live by very good singers/M.C. Very friendly and welcoming waiter staff and whilst the language was a problem for us speaking no Turkish the guys who spoke English were very welcoming (hello O ) the beer is much cheaper too, bonus!. Well worth the effort to go before finishing off your night out in the more traditional gay venues over the Golden Horn. " (Posted by Gibson from UK on June 14th, 2011)

"Very easy to find, as one of the previous writers so helpfully pointed out. I would recommend taking a dolmuş back to Taksim, as it is much less expensive (only 1.75TL). Unfortunately, the night that I went there, there was a pretty dramatic fight in the smoking lounge, which somehow ended up in somebody being sprayed with mace, which effectively cleared out the bar and had everybody coughing and sputtering. I can't honestly see how you would ever meet anyone at this bar, as the live music is very loud and all of the patrons are sat at restaurant-like tables. It was not at all what I expected, which was disappointing, as it had sounded like a dream come true. Relatively crowded on a Sunday night. Prompt service." (Posted by Way from USA on 22/03/2010.)

"December 2009: we went to Istanbul for Christmas this year as we enjoyed the city so much earlier this year. A friend had recommended Paşam and we saw from this site it had closed. Nevertheless as Durak it is a wonderful evening out: we went three nights out of five! Quiet on Thursday, packed on Saturday and comfortably busy on Sunday. Great staff, good value beer and excellent music and singers. And hot men! If you're staying in Beyoglu, it's really easy to get to on the tram from Karaköy to Yusufpaşa station: it's a one minute walk to the bar. And a taxi back to Tünel/Asmalimescit costs about 7TL; bit more to Taksim. Highly recommended if you don't want another techno dance club experience - and you want to meet interesting Turkish men (not boys). " (Posted by Nemo from UK on December 29 2009)


Sugar Cafe is a small but trendy venue

Sugar & Spice Cafe (18:00-01:00)
Address: Istiklal Caddesi Saka Salim Cikmazi no: 3/A Beyoglu.


This venue has announced its closure on Jan. 23 2015

Time to say good bye to Sugar @Saka Salim Street. January 23rd is your last chance to see Istanbul's classical venue at its 13 year old location. Sugar's door will be closing at the end of the event until a possible reopening at another location. Dj. Cenk Erdem will be playing his fabulous sets during the night. You are invited to the "Farewell".


Comment about this venue:

"I can understand why Sugar has to close down. I have been visiting it for several times during my regular visit to Istanbul the last years and it always been the same attitude…. Bad service, rude staff, overpriced bier, bad food. Its pity because the people visiting the place are nice and laidback educated people and the locating of the place is great, but with this attitude of the management they will not be able to run a place wherever it should be situated in Istanbul....pity...please try" Posted by Visitor H from UK on February 1st, 2015


Gay Clubs in Istanbul

On this page we listed only gay cafe bars which are open in early ours of the day / evening.

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Cruisy day time venues. Not particularly gay or gay-friendly

There are several straight venues around Taksim square which are like meeting places for gay men usually before going to gay bars/clubs., or early in the day time. They are mostly self-service cafe-restaurants and the managers/staff are not very gay-friendly in real meaning. But probably because of their location, especially some gay-men living in the neighborhood would always be around. But there will also be many rent boys and bad hustlers in and around these venues, so please be selective with the people you may encounter.


Burger King's Taksim

Burger King's Taksim  (09:00-02:00)
Address: Istiklal cad. NO:1 Taksim (At Taksim Square)
You can rest for a cafe and sometimes see few gay people. It's as cruisy as any self service cafe could be near Taksim square. But there may be rent boys or some tourist hustlers hanging around inside and in front of the entrance.  


Mc Donald's Istiklal (09:00-02:00)
You can see some young gays and rent-boys usually at the upper floor of Mac Donald's on Istiklal avenue. It is located at the corner; the junction of Kucukparmakkapi street and Istiklal Avenue (see on Google map).  There is not a visible gay scene in this branch of Mc Donald's as the one on Taksim Square which was closed during notorious renovations around Taksim Square which had caused nationwide Taksim Gezi Park protests

Simit Sarayi (09:00-:00:00)
Address: Cumhuriyet Caddesi Taksim.
A Turkish style fast-food cafe restaurant, mainly selling traditional Turkish pastries. These pastry shops are named after simit , a traditional ring-shaped bread covered with sesame seeds. which was once sold on the streets by the street vendors only. In recent years these "Simit Houses" because popular, competing with Mc Donald's and the like. We recommend you to try simit and Turkish tea menu at least once.  There are 2 Simit Sarayi venues at Taksim square since April 2011, one of them is next to Mc Donald's, which was a cafe - restaurant until recently (former Birra Mancha/Birahi). The new one can be more suitable for cruising. The other senior one is right across the street.

StarBucks (09:00-01:00)
Address: Istiklal Caddesi, Beyoglu Istanbul See Google Map
Another point where it is likely to see some gay men is the Starbuck Cafe on the Istiklal avenue, usually sitting at the outer section. No visible gay atmosphere here as well.


Gay Clubs in Istanbul
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